Diplo – Horsey (Kreap’s Housey Horsey Mix)


So, first of all, let’s all have a nice laugh to this awesome photo just to get it out of our systems. Now, remember that perfectly annoying Diplo song “Horsey”? Love it or hate it, if you’re like me, you moved on from it a long time ago. Melbourne disco/house producer Kreap, however, has not. Kreap recently remastered his remix of “Horsey”, originally produced for a remix contest, and has offered up the 320 kbps download up for free through his SoundCloud. Diplo’s track had some nice elements but it was never a track I could stand for more than a minute mixed into a set. Kreap’s take, on the other hand, takes Diplo’s moombahton direction and sets it on a vibe-filled house-y stage, only dropping in parts of the original screeching sound over a swooning and bouncing beat. He also makes better use of the vocals better than Diplo ever did. Now this is a track I could spend some time with. Grab the free DL and kreap around on Kreap’s SoundCloud for some more free gems.

As an extra treat, check out Kreap’s garage-themed remix of Treasure Fingers and The Knocks collab “My Body” below.