I don’t know about you, but last night’s festivities took a lot out of me. Since so many people get stuck spending Thanksgiving Eve at the same old bar, I’m grateful to have grooved into the wee hours of the morning at Spybar as Dubfire returned with his jet black, polished chrome beats. Needless to say, what most people consider the morning did not take place today. After one too many hours of visual stimulation courtesy of Frozen Planet, a disco nap on the couch seemed like the right idea. In need of some aural therapy, I nosed out this mix I remembered a friend had shared the other day and was immediately immersed into a soulful dreamscape. One hour and forty-two minutes of beautiful tracks–old and new–laced together elegantly by New Englander Don Fochi of Fresh Headz, this November mix is one to play any day of any year (but do yourself a favor and use a good set of speakers or headphones). Never wavering from the range of 109 to 118 beats per minute, this selection is perfect to throw on at a gathering, in the car, and wherever you see fit. After you download this magnum opus, be sure to like Mr Fochi on Facebookfollow him on Soundcloud, and get to one of his many shows in the Boston area and beyond!