Join the “Got Your Back Foundation” in Efforts to #FreePenthouse !

ts-studio_204If you hadn’t heard the name Penthouse Penthouse prior to one of the member’s arrests, you’ve likely noticed Soulection’s get-out-of-jail-free campaign meant to alleviate some of his legal fees. And, lucky for us, artists like ESTA and Mr. Carmack are releasing some of their never-heard bangers for purchase to help the #freepenthouse cause! Penthouse Penthouse is among some of the up and coming artists producing that future beats, piff-style I love; the type of music you turn on and can’t help but instantaneously vibe out to. Soulful sexy-time-R&B and funky how-the-hell-did-you-make-that-sounds have come together to create a musical crossbreed of perfection. It’s the type of music that makes up the soundtrack to my most ambient thoughts, so help the homie out and give them a listen! Hop on board the ‘Got Your Back Foundation’ so we can continue being blessed by the smooth sounds of Penthouse Penthouse!