Goldetron- Episode II: Not Shallow

goldetron1I consider myself blessed to live in an relatively small area of the country that is so musically diverse. Vermont being known as a state with more cows than humans, its tough to imagine that a thriving community of forward thinking music aficionados could exist, but it does.

From founding a community of electronic music lovers on UVM’s campus, to linking up with Electrode Entertainment and bringing to life the real entertainment deal, I have seen many a producer and DJ come and go. I have seen the EDM bubble thrive and even thicken here in BVT, I have been surrounded by a legion of bedroom producers and digital button pushing DJs (I must admit, I began with a ripped copy of Ableton and an APC4o myself) so it came to quite a surprise when I escorted one of my buddies a few miles outside of town to a lonely pizza shop / gas station/ hydroponics equipment dealer to purchase a pair of CDJ 800s, a few pieces of equipment that unlike most products out there would not be able to get you stage ready in five minutes while you lassoed the “sync” button, one hand firmly grasping a vodka soda the other selecting the next FUCKING BANGER! out of your dope trill ass playlist.

While the rest of the town (myself included) coasted through the party scene hopping from basement, to bar, to club with a wanted disregard for legitimate mixing talent, Goldetron sat on the sidelines, practicing, listening, asking questions, watching YouTube tutorials, diligently avoiding electronic aid in any form and taking tips anywhere he could  and mainly putting in the time and effort to consider himself a Disc Jockey.

Eventually the time came and Goldetron felt confident to stand on stage and online and show us what he’s got. After a few small gigs at a local bar, then moving up the ranks and taking the stage at Metronome as well as Vermont’s most famous venue Higher Ground, Groldetron is now considered one of the most up and coming tune slingers of Burlington. Featured today is his second mix released on his Soundcloud, a nice little adventure that is almost seamless and features a great selection of contemporary music, mainly house but its a prime cut.


Pan-Pot: Faces
Hot since 82: Chords
Hot Since 82- Insane I Know
Mineo- Turn out the lights (Jamie Jones Remix)
H2- What is (AFFKT rework)
Macronism- What Z Up
John Digweed- Morphism
Hollen- Electrocution
Chris Burns and Denis Henderson- IYE(Greg pidcock remix)
Chi Thanh- heat
John Digweed and Nick Muir- Raise
Mineo- Off the Handle
Ben Pearce- What I Might Do (Bonar Bradberry Remix)
BANKS- Change (Rauschhaus Edit)

Goldetron Presents: Episode II – Not Shallow by Goldetron on Mixcloud