H2 – What Is (AFFKT Rework)


This Monday, Manchester based duo H2 unveiled their “What Is” EP through FORM, a label founded by French producer POPOF in 2009, with releases by Pan-Pot, Jay Lumen, Gregor Tresher, Uto Karem, Umek, and Eats Everything. The original mix of the title track has some serious weight, but the song that stands out the most is definitely AFFKT’s Rework of “What Is.”

AFFTK (Marc Martinez Nadal) is based out of Valencia, Spain and has produced and remixed for labels such as Get Physical, Bedrock, Noir, Sincopat, Suara, and Mothership, to name a few. Already with many solid tracks to his name and a good bunch of them remixed (Aoub, Soul, Banano, Jakla, Sloth, Goonies) Nadal’s virtuosity and fervor really shine through in “What Is (AFFKT Rework).”

Right from the get-go this track means business. The rhythm is one of a kind and the drums are impeccable. Anthemic synths carry you through a labyrinthine buildup and a twangy response until you are attacked by a gyrating bass line with a divinely guttural *bouw* right before the 1. The distorted vocal “What is, what is” lingers throughout as the beat thumps on.

Give this sensational piece a listen here   and download it here, but not before you like AFFKT on Facebook and follow him on Soundcloud and Twitter.

You can also hear the track featured in AFFKT’s (downloadable) October Sincopat Podcast here: