N.A.S.A. – Hide Feat. Aynzli Jones (Tropkillaz Remix)


The other day I was watching football, and there was a commercial break between plays.  Normally, I hate commercials and do not pay attention to them. However, a commercial for SONOS and their new wireless Hi-Fi system popped up on my tv.  The commercial was really unique because it mixed a classic music piece to a trap/twerk song and then repeat this.  The trap/twerk song instantly grabbed my attention with the beat and the rapper’s voice.  I knew that I had to immediately find this song.  It was hard to hear the lyrics, so I googled ‘SONOS commercial’ and frantically tried to find the commercial.  A few minutes later I found the commercial on Youtube, and all the comments were asking who performed the trap/twerk song; everyone thought the tune was super catchy as well, and I found out that it was N.A.S.A. – Hide feat. Aynzli Jones (Tropkillaz Remix).  I instantly looked up the song on Tropkillaz’s soundcloud and proceeded to listen to the track multiple times in a row.  I was so happy that I found it because the remix is so catchy.  The song has a great build, and when the beat drops it’ll be sure to get everyone going wild.  Plus there’s something about Aynzli Jone’s voice which just fits the track perfectly; I’ve never heard of him before, but his voice is unique and I’ll definitely be looking up more of his material.  Tropkillaz kills this remix, and I can say I’m now a fan and look forward to more remixes and original mixes by the duo.  Upon listening to more material on their Soundcloud, I can say they have some other great trap and bass tunes.  Since the duo is from Brazil, some of their songs even have a latin spice to them which is really cool.  If you love some trap/twerk music then you definitely need to check out this Tropkillaz remix.  Also, check out the awesome SONOS commercial that features the track.

Hide by N.A.S.A. (Tropkillaz Remix)