P Money – Round The Clock (Cause and Affect Remix)


A few weeks back P Money made a surfacing on music outlet Rinse.fm, and I was able to absorb some of the promo tracks dished out by the rinses Soundcloud channel. Rinse was promoting a few shows that P Money was doing in the area, selling tickets to venues I probably wont be seeing anytime soon, and to be honest I really didn’t care much for the music as well. WIthin the quick collection of music there was a remix by Cause and Effect that I really did enjoy and I’m sharing with you today.

I have always enjoyed  garage music and its many offspring such as house and bass. As my appreciation for a wider genre of music grows, and apparently I am sharing this phenomenon with a large community, my appreciation for this song grows with it. A nice blend of all things I enjoy, this song has some thuggish UK grime vocals over all those deep woo-woos of house and bass which at the right volume gives your car windows a nice rattle.

This track certainly caught my by surprise and I am looking forward to owning a copy of it when it releases with P Money‘s album on November 18th, which I will probably have to get somewhere else other than iTunes cause who the hell wants a 256k, and pay for it?


Special thanks to CB and The Orator .