A little over a month ago on October 17th and 18th, The Oxford Group and Project Drop presented the amazing 3-show run in Massachusetts featuring both RL Grime and Clockwork. He made two stops in Boston, and then ventured up to Northhampton for a third. If there’s one thing I’m sure about when it comes to that weekend, it’s that he took Boston for a wild ride. If anyone knows how to throw down 2 consecutively killer sets in one night, it’s good ol’ Henry. Boston was was all wound up like a Happy Meal toy with excitement due to his arrival, and even more so when Julep announced that they were hosting Clockwork‘s FREE after-party, immediately after the show at Rumor. The only downside to all of this was that in order to get guaranteed entry into Julep, you would have had to leave Rumor early to make it in before it got packed to the gills. So because of this, I unfortuntely didn’t make it into Clockwork. I tried my best, but the mere combination of Clockwork and a free show is obviously going to end up being a fight to the death to get in. I guess the moral of the story is “you win some, you lose some”, but I definitely won by getting to see RL perform his first show of the night.

The energy there was ecstatic and everyone was completely mesmerized by RL Grime up in the booth. It was apparent that every single person in the building was feeling what he was putting down, judging by the sea of the crowd all bouncing and head banging to the beats. The venue there is pretty sweet too. He’s positioned in the middle of the room where everyone can surround him at all angles. At the time, he hadn’t dropped his 2013 Halloween Mixtape yet, but I’m sure he must have squeezed some of those tracks into his set. Saying that that mixtape is impressive is an understatement. I could easily listen to it everyday and it still wouldn’t get old, and that goes for all of his music.

The only other time I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the based-stine play was this past August at Electric Zoo Festival. That fateful, hot, summer afternoon was the birth of my obsession for his tasteful music. After seeing him play in Boston, I’ve  decided he’s definitley one of my favorite DJs. The atmosphere at his shows are simply blissful and unbelievable fun. The good vibes he gives off coincide with the good vibes of the crowd, and together they collide like two flaming shooting stars in the galaxy of trap/big-room music, leaving us all in euphoric little pieces. He absolutely killed it in Boston and certainly made that night of wild adventures one for the books.

Be sure to check out the sick video recap of RL Grime and Clockwork‘s completely sold out, 3-show adventure in Massachusetts made by Project Drop! Beginning his journey in Boston with Rumor, followed by Julep, and ending at Diva’s Nightclub in Northhampton, I don’t think he could have asked for a better turn out. On a side note, I finally made it into an aftermovie so I have no shame in telling the world, so look for me at about 0:24 doin’ the damn thing. xoxo

RL Grime – Clockwork Visits Massachusetts from Pedini Visuals on Vimeo.