2013 in Review: Techno & Tech-House


2013 was, in my opinion, a year when dance music sub-genre lines were as blurred as ever (no, that was not a reference to “Blurred Lines”). I’m here today to present to you our picks for biggest and best Techno/Tech-House songs of 2013. Keep in mind that some of these tracks may not fit your standard definition of Techno or Tech-House tracks, but this is the closest category we could fit them in.

MMIBTY standards for Best of 2013 fall in line with previous years: we looked at what some of the biggest songs were around the globe but we also took into account what some of our favorites were among these. A lot of the songs on this list were personal favorites of mine, including the huge track “Higher” by Destructo. UMEK & Groovebox made their stamp on the Beatport charts with “Cause and Effect”, Breach’s “Jack” may be one of the top overall songs of 2013 because it was played across so many different types of sets and mixes, and Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo’s “Kneadin'” was just too good to go unrecognized on this list. It should also be noted that Catz Eats Dogz is the collaboration between Eats Everything and Catz n’ Dogz and their song “Evil Tram” is phenomenal!

These songs are in no particular order, and we are probably missing some, but after careful deliberation here are our biggest and best Techno/Tech-House songs of 2013. Make sure to show the artists some love! *Check out the Continuous Mix at the Bottom!*