Bamboora Releases “Frat House” and Remixes “Escape”

bamboora frat house

Boston-area DJ and Producer Bamboora is back with two new four-on-the-floor thumpers. Bamboora has been a friend of ours for a few years and it’s great to see the strides he’s made to not only make a name for himself as a DJ, but to also step his game up in the studio. Most recently I posted Bamboora’s awesome collaboration with Odd Job on “As of Now”, as well as the Exclusive Mix he did for us back in February. Bamboora teamed up with Odd Job again, this time on the original production “Frat House”, released four days ago as a free download on Facebook. “Frat House” is a funky Electro banger that certainly gives me the vibes of something that would be thrown on at a college party to get the night moving. “Frat House” has lots of drive and a twangy melody and the break in the middle changes things up with some half-time rhythms. Bamboora and Odd Job are now two-for-two on fun party-starters.

The other track new to Bamboora’s bag of tricks is his remix of “Escape” by 3LAU and Paris & Simo featuring Heather Bright. The original mix of “Escape” came out a few months ago on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings. Bamboora writes of his remix:

” I wanted to keep the sounds minimal and give it some groove with drum rhythms. Co Produced with my good friend EP1C from NU.F.O. You can check out some of their stuff here —> @nufoboston

I’ll be perfectly honest in saying I love the direction Bamboora took here and I favor his remix of “Escape” over “Frat House”. The minimal vibes on this one intertwine perfectly with the vocals and since I’m a former drummer nothing gets to me quite like a good rhythm section in a House tune. As with “Frat House”, this one is available for free download on Bamboora’s Facebook page. If you haven’t had a chance to catch Bamboora live make sure you take advantage and definitely show him some love on these tracks!

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