Bastille – Of The Night (Stevie Mink Bootleg)

Stevie Mink

 Somehow I had never heard of Bastille before listening to this bootleg.  If you aren’t familiar with Bastille either, they are an indie rock/synth-pop band from London.  They are quickly gaining popularity worldwide, and I really like their song ‘Of the Night.‘  However I really like Stevie Mink’s Bootleg of ‘Of The Night’ even more than the original.  If you aren’t familiar with Stevie Mink, he’s a very talented dj from Melbourne, Australia.  From me saying that you probably assume he creates Melbourne bounce house tracks, but the funny thing is that he only has a few Melbourne bounce influenced tracks.  A dj from Melbourne who doesn’t produce much Melbourne bounce music?  That’s somewhat ironic.  Anyway, Stevie produces mostly progressive and electro house, but he does have a few Melbourne-influenced tracks.  I really enjoy listening to his remixes; they always are unique and always very well done.  He recently did a remix of ‘Wicked Child’ by Jason Herd & The Stafford Brothers which was even better than the original.  His bootleg of ‘Of The Night’ is no different, and I enjoy it much more than the original track.  The bootleg puts a fantastic progressive house spin on the song, and it’s done perfectly; the build is great and the bootleg keeps enough of the original track while putting his own spin on it.  I really enjoy Stevie’s progressive house remixes as well as his electro-house remixes.  He’s been cranking out a ton of remixes lately (4 in the last month), and he shows no signs of slowing down.  Once people discover Stevie, they’ll be hooked and wanting more.  I’m excited to see what else he has planned for us in the upcoming months.  Give the tune a listen, and if you like it download it for free off of his Soundcloud.  Enjoy!