Bro Safari + Torro Torro + Brillz + CRNKN, BTV (Wrap up)

ell it is clear that Bro Safri‘s “Animal House” Tour was something to be reckoned with. Accompanied with Torro Torro, Brillz and CRNKN the Animal House stopped by Burlington,Vermont and left its mark.

A motley collaboration of artists in their infancy all the way to some that have been around the block sold out the famous Higher Ground almost a week in advance. The venue was packed stage to wall from when the doors open all the way  until the staff was literally sweeping up cups and beer bottles behind the dirty dance kicks of many a raver.

This team of EDM heavyweights really impressed the crowd, and myself. I was expecting a trap, brostep, dupstep cliche of top 40 remixes and quirky new hip hop instrumentals. It ended up panning out quite differently, none of the artists overlapped in style (too much) and everyone seemed to have a unique groove to keep everyone engaged at a show where to be honest, everyone was very young.

The Animal House tour was quite the gang, being on the road together these guys really grew to be good friends, they even documented all their hijinks in their tour documentary you can check out below.

Not only was the event a blast but it was a great proof that the EDM bubble has not reached its ever so expected bursting point, and in my opinion it won’t, but it was also a good example of a well directed, coordinated, and marketed tour that hit the right demographics and was able to keep people entertained without 120,000 of lights and pyrotechnics.

Please check out the photos of the event right here

and as always, be a good citizen, and check look out for us at a venue near you!