The Glitch Mob Is Back With A Vengeance!

Couldn’t have been more excited than to discover that The Glitch Mob, after 3 years of of zero new production, have returned to the bass music stage and announced their newest album Love Death Immortality. We at MMIBTY were extremely saddened by the lack of music from The Glitch Mob over the past few years as they truly are pioneers of todays ever growing bass music scene, grandfathers of sorts. Many of us have continued to chase around DJ eDIT from club to club or watched as OOAH continues to kill it along side MartyParty in an attempt to get our fix, but we all know nothing can compare to the live performance of The Glitch Mob. The first single the guys have released comes with a super fun kaleidoscope type music video and truly reminds us of some of our favorites from the trio. Check out the music video and listen to the track below, with a heavy drum line and rock and roll-esque guitar riff this track quickly builds into a massive storm of synths and bass effects sure to make your spine tingle and dog hide in the corner. Head over to iTunes and support the new album by pre-ordering or downloading your copy today, and be sure to check out the amazingly creative music video below!

The Glitch Mob – Can’t Kill Us