middle milk

If you’re in college like I am then chances are you just completed all of your finals.  Whether your finals week was easy or hard the one common thing most students have is they are glad finals week and the semester is over.  The amount of stress felt during finals week can be frightening and make you want to sit in a corner saying to yourself, “This isn’t happening, this is happening.”  Sometimes the smallest things can set you over the edge during finals week.  But it is aslo the smallest things that help you keep your sanity and keep you feeling positive.  ‘Birds’ by Middle Milk feat. Mumblin’ Johnsson & Tos was that song that kept me feeling positive and good during finals week.  My finals were not nearly as challenging as previous semesters, but this song helped to motivate me and get me through the week.  ‘Birds’ was released this last Monday on Plasmapool Records which is the same record company that Mord Fustang and Joe Garston (two other artists I love) are signed to.  Middle Milk is an up and coming artist from Sweden signed to Plasmapool.  Let me start off by saying that ‘Birds’ by Middle Milk feat. Mumblin’ Johnsson & Tos is one of the most unique songs I’ve ever heard.  On Plasmapool’s Soundcloud page the track is listed as house.  For labeling purposes house describes it the best, but the song isn’t like any house song I have ever heard before.  ‘Birds’ is a ridiculously happy and upbeat song.  It’s one of those songs that you blast in the morning when the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and you’re making bacon and eggs in the kitchen.  ‘Birds’ makes use of a variety of instruments such as some great finger-picking guitar, xylophone, a rag-time piano, and of course bird whistle/chirping noises.   To top it off, the vocals feature a scat-singer (that’s the best way I can describe it).   The use of so many great instruments is really what makes the song so special.  The fantastic finger-picking guitar and ragtime piano go beautifully together, and the scat-singing vocals and whistles bring it all together.  I listened to this song so many times this final week because it kept me going, and it helped me to stay happy and motivated.  I still cannot get over how catchy and unique this song is.  I instantly became a fan of Middle Milk, and I hope he continues to make similar-sounding tracks.  ‘Birds’ is definitely one of the most unique songs I’ve ever come across, so you have to give it a listen!  I’ll let the song speak for itself. The full song is on Youtube, so I’ve included that as well as the Soundcloud link.  Enjoy!

Middle Milk feat. Mumblin’ Johnsson & Tos – Birds | Buy On Beatport