Hate her or love her, Miley has been killing it lately, and has even achieved her first spot at #1 on the Billboard Top 100 with her song, Wrecking Ball. People have been buzzing about her in recent publicity; the good and the bad, and some have even taken their own interpretations of the starlets song (if you haven’t seen the chat roulette version of Wrecking Ball please climb out of your rock now). And lucky for us, if the pop music scene doesn’t fit your fancy, Kaelin Ellis has gifted us with the dopest remix this holiday season! If Miley’s is a romantic love story gone sour, Kaelin‘s is more of a crazy ex-lover seeking revenge American Horror Story style. He starts off combining pitched up vocals with some smooth bassy percussion that complement each other perfectly, and switches to an eclectic jazzy feel throughout the middle of the song that is anything but boring. And, at about 3 minutes, he┬árips apart the prior bass line and drops some gnarly trunk rattling bass that satisfies the ears want for those weird deep tones. Although only 16 years old, Kaelin has been making beats like this since he was 6 years old and just recently put out an album with the help of HW&W Records. Keep an eye out for him, I see big things to come!

Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball (Kaelin Ellis Remix)