Stay (Branchez Bootleg) [FREE DOWNLOAD]


Remember that feeling of pure happiness when Rihanna‘s hit “Stay” would come on the radio? Well now that the world has moved on from that song to the next big one, the New York-based DJ/Producer Branchez is bringing it back with his sexy trap bootleg. Its perfectly mastered, smooth-as-butter sound has some even comparing it to be “an orgasm to your ears”. When the original track first came out, I was just praying for the day someone would step it up and release a dope remix. There have certainly been a number of remixes for the beautiful track before this one, some of my favorite ones being produced by Tiesto and Bass King Vs. X-Vertigo⎯but I’ve decided I’m definitely putting Branchez’s take on “Stay” on a pedestal. Get your FREE DOWNLOAD of Branchez‘s bootleg below!