Black Thread (Jamie Fenn Remix)- Chevy B


I’m not sure what it is but I love the mixture of electronic music and string orchestra. The relaxing yet powerful strings just seem to contrast so beautifully against a rage type track giving it an extra little push of epic. Today we bring you a trap-step remix that blends the strings and the rage quite beautifully. Jamie Fenn an up and coming producer from Colorado has unleashed quite a remix that has me doing my fair share of grooving and womping.  With some awesome orchestral samples that would impress even the Bach or Beethoven connoisseurs, set along a trappy/dub track we have ourselves a great combo.  From beginning to finish the track is beautifully structured reminding you up until the very end the power of a string orchestra. With the typical dubstep type tracks starting to sound bland it’s great to see how producers are starting to morph and blend genres keeping the music fresh and fun. Download this song for FREE and expect many more great tracks from Fenn as he is destined to have a great 2014!