Brandy vs. GRADES – I Wanna Be Down


Talk about VIBES. All my 80’s babies will appreciate this take on a classic, soulful Brandy track from GRADES, a complete blip on the radar with obvious potential. The South London producer didn’t have a public track to his name before 6 days ago when his remix of The Magician‘s “When The Night Is Over” got prestigious play from world-famous radio DJ Pete Tong on his radio show. Despite the good publicity, GRADES still only has a feeble 180 likes on Facebook and is giving everyone the opportunity to get in on the ground floor with his smooth, garage-inspired beats. Grab the free download over on GRADES’ Facebook page and, as Pete Tong himself said, keep an eye on GRADES in 2014.

Check out the rip of GRADES awesome Magician remix below.