Charles Fenckler: 5 Free DLs + Anklam EP Preview

Meet Charles Fenckler, the 19-year-old French Producer/DJ whose debut EP Anklam drops on Slam‘s Soma Records this coming Monday. Sure, he may only have a few hundred Facebook likes or Soundcloud followers at this very moment, but if Anklam is anywhere near as good as the tracks we have for you today, this kid is definitely going somewhere.

First up is a strong acid track called Sequences that would make KiNK proud. The seemingly simplistic 4×4 beat is soon joined by some pert cymbals which carry the 303 theme beautifully. Next is the dub techno Strings Systems. These synth chords have a rich analog sound providing a well flowing theme and are fully supported by a sturdy kick drum. Also included are two tracks Fenckler released about a year ago under the name Aztro. Black Rainbow has an enveloping melody, crisp percussion, and a neat dubby breakdown with chopped vocals, snowballing until it is capped by a sample that may or may not be a distorted dial tone; either way, it sounds sick and makes me want to dance. Parallel 2 features a dissonant melody with chiller drums. For your added pleasure, we’ve passed along a super solid, hour-strong techno mix Charles Fenckler recently recorded for a German magazine called Musix Mag!

Enjoy a taste of the Anklam EP here then pre-order or wait until it officially drops on Monday.

Charles Fenckler – Sequences
Charles Fenckler – Strings Systems
Aztro – Black Rainbow
Aztro – Parallel 2
Charles Fenckler Mixtape For @Musix Mag

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