Let Her Go- Caked Up Remix


I have to admit I really hate the radio for two reasons.  First off I hate the radio because of the way it overplays the same 20 songs over and over and over again.  I am all about hearing a song multiple times but the radio seems to ride a track till its wheels fall off.  The second reason I hate the radio is because of the way the songs seem to get stuck in my head for hours.  I would consider pop music my guilty pleasure and there’s nothing like belting out a few bars of Miley or Katy Perry but doing so is a quick way to lose your man card, plus pop just doesn’t really cut it in the club.  To help all you pop lovers out there listen to your radio jams in style I present you Caked Up.  They have been making a name for themselves with their trap remixes of top 20 radio hits.  Turning these radio hits into trap bangers has been their specialty and has gained them some big time support.  Their latest remix is of Let Her Go by Passenger. Stay tuned for many more great remixes by these guys and go show them some love on their pages.