Lotus Burlington, VT 1/23

Last week in Burlington the legendary Lotus stopped by for two consecutive days of music. It was almost impossible to ignore the fact that these electronic heavy weights were in the area, the internet was a buzz and you couldn’t pick up your phone or open your homepage without seeing someone asking for a ticket or looking to see who was going with them.

Lotus is an incredible group of musicians. These individuals are able to transcend gently between the rock world and the electronic dance music scene. At festivals and venues  around the world these gentleman stand out with their instruments against the backdrop of flocks of DJs that have inherited the stage. But at the same time Lotus could go toe to toe and shine brightly at any rock concert they attend.

With the remarkable ability to constantly remain current by steadily touring and giving back to their very loyal fan base, and by pushing and reinventing themselves as they go, Lotus is very on top of their game.

Attending the second of the two shows at Burlington’s Higher Ground, anyone who didn’t attend the first, scrambled hard to come to the second night. This was readily apparent when I arrived at the venue doors an hour after they opened. The line was unbelievable, so many people that just couldn’t wait to hear these guys pour their music through the amplifiers. Now I have been to hundreds of shows at this venue, I have always had some type of expectation walking through the music hall doors but last Thursday I was met with such an incredible explosion of energy it actually stopped me in my tracks. Looking behind me, I met eyes with my friend who I came with and just said “holy shit”, he smiled patted me on the shoulder and said “welcome to Lotus”.

The energy was impressive, it was hot, but not sweaty and everyone was just dancing and grooving, just as if we were all at a festival. The sound was really on point, I couldn’t get over how nice it felt to enjoy the sounds of instruments played live over such a finely tuned sound system. Of course I am very new to the Lotus experience and I don’t know many of their songs, luckily the company I keep were more than eager to name the song, look it up online or ask a more knowledgeable fellow, I always felt like I kind of in the loop.

Lotus was really able to keep the crowd very engaged during their entire show 2 hour show. They would usually begin pretty steady, pick up the pace, go off on a very nice jam tangent, slow it down, bring the tempo right back up again. You could really feel that the band has a very electronic dance feel. Their set was loaded with analog synths, heavy big booming bass kicks, dub effects and all sorts of manipulated sounds. It was a very nice middle ground between rock and electronic, in my opinion this is an incredible fusion of both worlds of music that are very easily divided.

In closing Lotus was a great act that I will be sure to catch next time they are around. I am really intrigued by their musical ingenuity and honestly can’t really find anything negative to say about them at all. Keep an eye on these guys and show them some love on their outlets.

Check out photos from the show here.