Option4 Doubles Up With Love Like No Other (ft. FLASH/LIGHTS) & Black Cats


Option4 continues his spree as the most productive up and comer in the house scene as he makes his first and second release on the legendary Nurvous Records simultaneously today. Coming off a great year in 2013 Option4, aka Brennan Bryarly, is clearly wasting no time getting a head start on 2014. Teaming up with FLASH/LIGHTS front man Ethan Bryce to create a vocal driven deep house track that reminds us of those summer nights that occasionally become summer mornings in seemingly the blink of an eye. Make sure to listen to this one all the way through because Bryarly has quite a treat waiting in the final drop. Along with Love Like No Other Option4 has also gifted us with a second track entitled Black Cats that is equally as filled with surprises. Gorgeous vocal samples complemented by a clever riff lead into a a bouncy drop that continues to build from there and is sure to please the ears. Be sure to show Option4 and FLASH/LIGHTS some love over on Hype Machine and head over to Beatport to grab the HQ versions of both songs. Finally check out our upcoming shows page to see when these guys will be in your city.