TNGHT x The Grouch & Eligh – Goooo [FREE DOWNLOAD]


Good thing trap and hip-hop go hand in hand like CeeLo Green and wearing sunglasses at night⎯they just work. Although the genius collaboration between Hudson Mohawke and Lunice of TNGNT has reportedly split up for the time being, they got together and teamed up with the underground hip-hop duo The Grouch & Eligh to bring us this dope track called, “Goooo” that they just released with And no, the title of the song was not a typo, they’re just on their Josh Peck shit and all about the emphasis. It’s got a great energy and the rap verses are straight fire.

Naturally, not everyone is going to love a sound from the get-go that is so unfamiliar to the dance music that most of us are used to. I noticed a bit of scrutiny in the Soundcloud comments section for the song that caught my eye like that one asshole who wears all black to a white-out party. Someone negatively compared the music to being “a gameboy beat with a bass”, and it just so happens that I actually completely agree with that observation. The only thing is, I’m very supportive of that new, “enter galactic you and me” futuristic sound. Futuristic bass music is absolutely up and running for the year 0f 2014 and only picking up speed. I really enjoy that video game mixed up/mashed up sound, but I understand why it’s taking some people some time to accept it. It’s a little out there, but I believe it’s got a future in the genre of dance. If you’re not feeling it just yet, I only ask you to give it a chance! Hopefully, more of you will begin to see the fun in it and appreciate the Zenon bump’n’grind a little more. Cop a free download of the track below and share with your friends!