Verboten NYE with Eats Everything + Maya Jane Coles

Let us be honest, New Years Eve is a party. All around the world everyone celebrates, we reflect on the positives and negatives of the previous calendar cycle and discuss hopes and goals for the following year; we also try to have the most fun humanly possible. Every year it’s always a battle, atleast for me, to figure out what to do, and in a place like New York CIty there is no lack of options.

Relative to my last few NYE celebrations, the decision I made this year was rather unique. I was honored with the oppurtunity to interview Paper Diamond during the ball drop, so some friends and I got some tickets and enjoyed a great show accompanied by a midnight performance from Big Gigantic. But we wanted to party late into the night, we needed an after party destination, something worthy of a trip from Manhattan to Brooklym at 1:30am on New Years Eve, we chose Verboten.

Eats Everything was actually one of the first artists that I showcased on MMIBTY. I have been a big fan of his ever since a Youtube video of one of his tracks was casually shared on my Facebook wall. His year in 2013 was very large and has shown strong progress since his emergence in 2011. Munching his way through Glastonbury, Bestival, Eastern Electrics, Creamfields, Secret Garden Party, Love Saves the Day, Parklife, High Definition to name a few, Eats Everything also devoured some of the best spots in Europe such as Space, Paradise at DC10, Together at Amnesia, Le Grand Bazar at Ushuaia, Defected at Bomba and dirtybird’s at Sankeys. Such a thunderous year began with the release of his “Feather Flight” EP and made my decision for his set at Verboten a no brainer.

Arriving to the venue a little after 1:00 am I had no idea what to expect. Our taxi pulled up alongside a small brooklyn warehouse. A few people were lingering outside and there were three doors to leave, one to enter. A simple pat down and a short wait in the line and we were right inside. My initial reaction could of been read easily as a grin inched across my face. Grabbing my ticket from the box office, which was only a few people at a pop up table with a list and a metal cash box;this was a nice escape from the regal detachment of scanners, massive lines and the impersonal glass boxes most venues.

The warehouse chosen to hold the vent was a simple open floor layout. Two large concrete boxes interconnected at one junction and adjoined by a shared outdoor courtyard used for smoking. It was minimal in features and construction, a negative space open and inviting, built for sound and dance.

At this point in the night it was packed. Every inch of dance space was occupied, I must say it was difficult moving anywhere and getting to the coat check was a very time consuming endeavor. The good thing about the layout though there was music everywhere and soon after my arrival I was able to enjoy a great performance from Eats Everything along with the other artists who joined him at this impressive event.

The sound was pretty localized to the front of the stage, it was really good if you were up to either stage left or right but being further back by the bars, or directly in the middle, it was difficult to hear the full spectrum of sound. As far as performance all artists really gave 100%, Eats Everything’s song selection was on point, and really was what I expected to hear, and you can’t really do any better than enjoying the song and selection and performance quality that you expected. Overall everything was very well executed and my friends and I had a really good time. Hearing Eats Everything live was a great experience and I cannot wait for more on this artist. Make sure to follow him on his outlets and keep up with his productions, they are really on point.