Wednesday Weather Report #25

The holidays are over, the weather is terrible, no presents or celebrations in the near future to look forward to, so time to buckle down, brave the cold and get some work done.

With such an overwhelming amount of music to sort through after 2013 and so much more being pumped out in 2014 I really wanted to take today and share some softness.

I can’t go 5 minutes on the internet with out some TWERK, TWONK, TRILL horn blaring anxiolytic mash of drum kits ripping through my cochlea. So I have been pretty adamant today about taking my time, sipping slowly and enjoying some music that has been slow cooked to perfection.

“HWLS – 001” This takes the cake on treasures today. A side project from producer Ta-Ku comes a very cleaver song under the alias HWLS. “001” is the first installment of this project, and if this is a foreshadowing of what is to come, then I am wagging my proverbial tail. But  then again side projects are never successful **COUGH**RLGRIME**COUGH**

Branchez – Told Me” This guy is literally everywhere, blog after blog writes about him and countless established producers / DJs are raving about him. Finishing up a massive tour with Zeds Dead, Branchez has really come into himself. I really enjoy this recent release of his, it really is just a cool groovy beat that floats along, he adds a little comic relief here and there and it is well placed.

“Shigeto – Detroit Part 1” Releasing from Ghostly International this pensive construction of baselines and space ships by Shigeto really takes you on a journey. A very complex and what I believe to be a relaxing song that unknowingly put me into a deep state of reflection as it floated on by.

“Com Truise – Declination” Also from Ghostly International comes a wonderful tune by Com Truise. Some great 80’s synths inhabit this funky tune. I really have been all about anything that Com Truise is producing or is behind, some really great stuff.

“Mr. Carmack – Insomnity” There are quite a few labels that get slapped on this guy, especially the correct spelling and typing of his name. Regardless of genre descriptions this producer is backed by some pretty reputable people and really does make some really good music. In my personal opinion the content that Mr. Carmack has released is what Trap music was supposed to be, not what a gang of 18 year old kids in their bedrooms on Fruity Loops turned it into.

“Abuela – Sapa”  One song on Soundcloud, 250 followers, no information other than that. See for yourself, its quite wonderful.