Weather Report #26

I think it is time for another Weather Report, I have a few songs in my playlists I have been really itching to share with everyone. But first thing is first, the weather. If you don’t know I am writing out of Burlington, Vermont and the weather has been very planet Hoth-esque. The frozen tundra I call home has been a balmy negative FUCKING COLD for the past few weeks, no snow for mountain sports and when it does get warm, it gets cold right after and turns the roads into a skating rink of death. Needless to say everything is all good over here in the green mountains, now to the music.

First off the bat is a track I picked off of Waka Flocka Flame’s “Wild Out” remix pack. It’s actually a pretty booming bass deep house track that was kind of unexpected coming from something with Waka Flocka’s name all over it. The remix is by Boots N’ Pants and really gets me excited. From what I gather these guys are small time but I think they have a future ahead of them, take a peek and let ’em know what you think.

Next up is a track called “BBB” coming from Cesqeaux and D’Maduro off their new EP EL SABOR. Latin bass with a great almost middle eastern feel to it. These guys come from the Netherlands, didn’t expect this spicy salsa from over there, big ups!

Fresh off the tubes we have the track “Fluential” by Wax Worx. Seems like another artists trying to make a name for himself, I really dig his Bass House feel and I hope you all do too.  Coming from across the pond you can immediately sense the UK influence on this track so give it a listen and if you dig it, share the love!

Lastly I have an hour long jam session with Soul Mob from Philly, PA. These guys are a really great up and coming duo in the house music genre. They have a very modest and optimistic take on all their work and really seem to drive their influences from the overall love of music. If you read into their bio they are making quite a name for themselves, and its easy to tell why, they have good taste in music and good connections as well.

“Created this in the studio today. Inspired by the loves of my life. Music pulsating to my left with two bay windows to my right with heavy snow falling. So blessed and thankful. My soul thanks you for your inspiration, unconditional love, and belief in us!” – Soul Mob