Andrew Bayer Continues to Impress with “Once Lydian”

andrew bayer 2

If you aren’t familiar with the incredibly talented producer Andrew Bayer, now is the perfect time to introduce yourself. The Washington D.C. resident, with roots in Brooklyn and London, is part of the Anjunabeats family and has been featured on countless Group Therapy Radio podcasts. Bayer also consistently shares the stage with superstars Above & Beyond and their roster of unique and exciting DJs. The last time I posted about Andrew Bayer was when he collaborated with Norin & Rad to form the group Artificial and they released the song “Prototype”. This time around, however, Bayer is back on his own with the fresh and exciting track “Once Lydian”, released today on Anjunabeats. Fans of thumping club bangers and uplifting Progressive tunes will come together to enjoy “Once Lydian”, as it features elements of Big Room, Electro-House, and uplifting Trance. Bayer has a signature sound that his fans have come to recognize, and it’s apparent the man is insanely talented in the studio judging by today’s release. I continue to be under the belief that TRUE Progressive House producers are some of the best in the dance music game – just take a listen to Bayer’s portfolio of work and I think you’ll agree.

Andrew Bayer – Once Lydian | Purchase on Beatport