Artist Spotlight: Louisahhh!!!


Surveying the various subgenres of EDM, there are few DJs/Produces that are capable of maintaining my interest. I look for artists who are always willing to push themselves musically and keep the world of manufactured formulaic sounds on its toes. Every once in awhile I will hear an artist and I will become instantaneously fascinated, from the moment I heard Louisahhh!!!’s sound I was completely intrigued.

Louisa Pillot, started singing and playing instruments during her adolescence. In her late teenage years, she became interested in the New York City club scene & worked up to becoming a DJ. In 2006, she moved to L.A. to concentrate on her music career and lent vocals to Danny Daze for the track, “Your Everything,” which was released in 2011. In 2013 she dropped her debut EP, Transcend, on Bromance Records.

I was introduced to her hypnotic, deep, vulnerable, raw sound during her performance at Vinyl Nightclub in Denver, Colorado (Full Photo Album Here). Standing in the epicenter of carefully placed Funktion1 speakers, I immediately thought to myself, this lady is a gangster. A total G. Her stage presence is to die for. Her technical skills, her drops, her singing along to songs, her smile… Whoa. If you ever get an opportunity to see Louisahhh!!! in action, do not even hesitate on purchasing tickets, just do it. I swear you will develop a crush on her as fast as I did. She’s absolutely sensational. Watch her amazing Boiler Room Paris DJ set above, download the track on Soundcloud below.

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