Break Out Your Disco Balls for B3RAO’s MMIBTY Exclusive Guest Mix


I’ve just been handed our latest exclusive guest mix and boy oh boy is this one a doozy. Earlier this week I brought your attention to Massachusetts-based DJ and producer Nate Almeida, aka B3RAO. On Tuesday he released his newest track on Beatport titled “We Got It!!!” produced in collaboration with LA native Twism. “We Got It!!!” is an absolute bomb and since B3RAO is continually releasing music and gigging all over Boston, I thought he was a perfect candidate for the MMIBTY exclusive guest mix series. After all, he’s a hometown success story.

B3RAO grew up an avid disco fan and in his words, he was confident he owned every “Best of” disco compilation out there. When B3RAO first started DJing gigs he was spinning Electro because that seemed to be what the majority rule was. Once he saw himself gathering a fan base he switched very quickly to Disco House (and I’m thankful he did!). B3RAO enjoys opening people’s eyes to all the great music they have been missing before; check out his mix for a prime example of that. One thing Nate told me is that he hates spinning dark music because when he looks out in the crowd, yes people are dancing crazy, but there really is no one smiling. He says, “What is so nice about Disco House is that it is so fun from the crowd’s perspective as well, they are smiling almost the entire time.” Somehow B3RAO finds the time to produce music and work on his DJ sets because he actually graduated college with a degree in Biology and Chemistry and currently works full time as an environmental chemist.

With international tour dates and a score of releases dropping in 2014, Disco Legends producer/DJ B3RAO is poised for an explosive year. Ever humbled by early success in the short time since his first Boston booking, B3RAO is simply grateful for the opportunity to share his passion for deep soulful groove with a growing audience of house fans.

Any fans of fun, Disco-inspired House music will LOVE B3RAO’s mix. I’ve already listened to it several times and although the only song I recognized was B3RAO’s track “We Got It!!!”, the entire thing is fun and smile-inducing from start to finish. If you like the mix show B3RAO some love and see what he does next!

*Track list after jump. Click the SoundCloud link to download*

Track List:

1 Let’s Go (Original Mix) -Bewbz
2 Gonna Get Ya High -4Peace
3 Say To Ya (Original Mix) -Jay Vegas
4 Soul 2 Soul (Original Mix) -Mike Gillenwater, Sean Biddle, Tzesar
5 Move Your Feet (Original Mix) -Mick Teck
6 Don’t Look Any Further (Hazzaro Remix) -Gary Caos, Levan Kay, Elenice
7 Makes Me Lovin’ You (Original Mix)- Tzesar
8 WE GOT IT!!! -Twism & B3RAO
9 What The Funk (Original Mix) -Tsaho
10 Gotta Be A Freak (Original) -Demarkus Lewis
11 Compression (Original Mix) -Maxim Lebedev
12 Love Calls (Original Mix) -Mr. Jools
13 Astral – Pyramid
14 I House You (Original Mix) -Deebiza, Funk 78, Deebiza & Funk 78
15 The Sweetest Way (Original) -Rescue