The Long Awaited, Much Anticipated Dirtybird BBQ Compilation (Compiled by Claude VonStroke)

dirtybird bbq

Fans of label boss Claude VonStroke‘s Dirtybird Records, like myself, have been waiting a long time for today. Sure, it may be just another miserable late-February 25-degree day here in Boston, but things heated up today when Claude VonStroke and the team at Dirtybird Records released their latest compilation titled the Dirtybird BBQ. The name Dirtybird BBQ actually stems from the label’s long history in San Francisco and the small get together that used to occur 13 years ago in Golden Gate Park (aptly called the Dirtybird BBQ). Since the beginning the Dirtybird BBQ had the same core line-ups and even the same chef, Grillson. Three years ago the free party in the park became too big and the Dirtybird team had their permit pulled; the city of San Francisco could no longer handle the amount of people showing up to the event. I guess this could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it. Good for the label, as this shows growth and increased popularity, but bad for fans who had come to enjoy the BBQ party over the years.

Claude VonStroke writes on the Dirtybird website: “Ever since then we have been trying to think of way to bring back the vibe of the BBQ park party. This year we finally put together a team that is able to take the BBQ party all across North America and Europe. We will be starting in Miami and ending in San Francisco so make sure to come grill and chill with us sometime this year. This compilation is a celebration of the O.G. dirtybird BBQ vibe. I hope you enjoy the music.”

VonStroke goes on to say about the compilation: “The new dirtybird compilation is loaded with 11 great tunes I have been collecting for over 6 months. Most notably, the Shiba San “OKAY” record has absolutely been destroying every dance floor known to man. We have lots of big birds like Justin Martin, Catz ‘N Dogz & Justin Jay on this, plus a ton of great newcomers and friends making appearances.”

*Check out my thoughts on the album and listen to clips after the jump!*

I’ve been waiting for two of the tracks on this compilation to drop for a long time: Shiba San‘s “OKAY” and SecondCity‘s “I Enter”. These two tracks have been absolutely MASSIVE over the past six or so months. I’ve seen Claude Vonstroke drop “OKAY” multiple times over the several times I’ve seen him recently, as did several other Dirtybirds I’ve seen live over the past few months. In fact, I think Claude made a concerted effort to play “OKAY” every time he touched a CDJ on Holy Ship!!! But I’m not complaining – “OKAY” sends crowds into a frenzy and I can see this one being played in many a set going forward. I’d also recommend keeping an eye on Shiba San’s SoundCloud page, as the French G-House producer has some mightily tasty tracks out there. SecondCity is a name quickly growing in the UK House scene and his track “I Enter” has seen a ton of support from guys like Skream. The drop is so juicy and really gets dance floors moving.

Shiba San and SecondCity’s tracks only make up two of the 11 songs on the compilation. So what about the other tracks? The listener gets a nice variety of varying sub-genres of House tunes on the Dirtybird BBQ compilation – everything from Booty Bass to Deep House to Tech-House. Some songs are more party starters than others, but all of them are songs produced with the highest of quality and they all contain that special Dirtybird flavor. Some of the standout tracks, in my opinion, include Justin Jay’s “Le Voyou” and Justin Martin’s “Buggin”. Given my recent infatuation with G-House and House tracks that sample Hip-Hop records, these two were obvious choices for me. Justin Jay’s “Le Voyou” samples Dr. Dre’s “Let’s Get High”, one of my personal favorites from the Chronic 2001 album. Justin Martin’s “Buggin” is a tribute to A Tribe Called Quest’s “Buggin’ Out”, off the 1991 album The Low End Theory. Martin’s “Buggin” samples the signature upright bass line from “Buggin’ Out” and adds some awesome marching band drums, which certainly grabs me thanks to my time in the drum section of my high school marching band. Nick Olivetti & Alli Borem bring “Da Noyz” which is another song you may have heard within Dirtybird artists’ live sets or mixes. And Cause & Affect’s “The Tickle” is a smooth and sexy tune that might be best for winding down your nights or spending time with your significant other.

All-in-all the Dirtybird BBQ compilation is yet another top notch release from one of my favorite all-around record labels in the world. Claude VonStroke and all the artists he’s brought on board are masters of their game and manage to make tracks that stand out in the highly saturated world of dance music. I strongly recommend everyone purchases the album and gets out to see any of the Dirtybirds when they come to a city near you. And if you’re going to be in Miami during Miami Music Week/Winter Music Conference, definitely get to the Dirtybird BBQ Miami!

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