Prok & Fitch – Man With Soul

Aurora Borealis

Ben Prok and James Fitch, the British DJ/production duo who go by Prok & Fitch, have quickly established themselves as one of my favorite Tech-House artists out there. The boys hail from Brighton in the UK and if you flip through their extensive catalog you’ll realize they just don’t miss. It certainly helps when you have one of the biggest names in dance music, Mark Knight, heavily supporting your releases and if you’ve listened to any Toolroom Knights Radio podcasts over the past couple years, you’ve undoubtedly heard several tracks by Prok & Fitch. While many successful dance music artists have carved out a certain sound in their productions, Prok & Fitch’s tracks are unique compared to one another. There is, however, a common thread amongst Prok & Fitch songs: fun, driving House and Tech-House beats that make you want to party all night long.

Yesterday Prok & Fitch released their latest track “Man with Soul” on Toolroom Records, featuring the award-winning vocals of Max Linen. This is yet another Tech-House gem that contains Disco roots and tasteful vocals screaming things like “I am the soul shaker” and “Do you feel me? I’m all around you. Don’t try to adjust the system, I’m in control”. These lines fall perfectly into the song’s break as it builds up to a final high-energy drop that will undoubtedly throw club-goers into a frenzy. Mark Knight has been playing this one in his podcasts and his sets, and I have no doubt he will play it this Friday when he stops in Boston for a Valentine’s Day evening [TICKETS].

I’m still waiting for the day that I get to see Prok & Fitch live, but I have a feeling it’ll be worth the wait. Show them some love!

Prok & Fitch – Man With Soul | Purchase on Beatport

Remember when I said everything Prok & Fitch produces is absolute fire? Check out their song “Dope Drop” which came out at the end of 2013 and shows how they can be diverse yet consistent at the same time.

Prok & Fitch – Dope Drop | Purchase on Beatport