Audien – Elysium (gLAdiator Remix)


I was so excited when I saw this remix pop up on my Soundcloud feed.  I instantly knew that it was going to be a good one because gLAdiator always delivers on their remixes.  I’ve been getting more and more into Audien in the last few months, and he’s one of my favorite up and coming producers.  I loved his song ‘Elysium‘ when he released it at the beginning of January, and I’m glad a proper trap remix of the tune was finally released.  gLAdiator creates a fantastic build to this song that keeps much of the original melody.  The melody in the original tune is amazing, so I’m glad that gLAdiator decided to keep it and not completely change it in their remix.  The drop is awesome, and it brings a ton of energy into the remix.  gLAdiator keeps the same synth pattern as the original progressive house drop, but they put their own spin on it.  They slow the track down and add some heavy-hitting 808s and bass that’ll get people dancing and going crazy.  This remix is definitely gonna be a huge trap hit, and I can see tons of djs dropping this dope remix live within the next few weeks.  I haven’t been listening to much trap music lately because I’ve gotten somewhat bored with the genre.  For me there is usually a lack of melody in trap, and I consider the melody one of the most important elements in a song.  However, I love this melody and I could listen to this remix all day long.  gLAdiator created an awesome remix once again, and I hope they continue to keep pushing out great tunes.  Plus you can download Audien – Elysium (gLAdiator Remix) for free on  So give it a listen and download it because you won’t be disappointed!  Plus be sure to show gLAdiator some love on their facebook and Soundcloud pages!