Brenmar Searches For Sanctity

Chicago production and remix genius, Brenmar, is back at it again as he gives Rick Ross’s soulful original Sanctified his own twist. With Kanye and Big Sean joining Ross on the original it quickly becomes clear why Brenmar chose to take this track to the next level. With no short of great vocals Brenmar cleverly samples Big Sean’s claim that “All I want is a hundred million dollars and a bad bitch”, I mean isn’t that the American dream at this point? With the addition of some clever snares and snaps over some glitched out effects and a heavy drum line all leading into a heavy but fun drop Brenmar truly took this track to the next level. As usual this one can be downloaded for free below as well as on Brenmar’s Soundcloud, if you aren’t familiar with Brenmar he has been quite busy this year and I would also highly suggest his new EP type project High End Times Vol. 1.