Diplo, Frank Ocean, & The Clash-Hero [FREE DOWNLOAD]

140307-frank-ocean-diplo-clash-heroA brand-name collaboration almost always reeks of contrived synergy (see: Red Bull’s Azealia Banks/Paul Oakenfold duo), but just sometimes it can hit the nail on the head. Today, Converse released the next chapter of “Three Artists One Song,” this time featuring Diplo, Frank Ocean, and Mick Jones & Paul Simonon of The Clash. The track features classic half-croon vocals from Ocean on top of an island-Brit hybrid between Diplo and The Clash. Twangy chords (a la Joe Strummer) play out over mellowed 808s (a la Diplo) before breaking down into a mix of raucous reggae and a quasi-motown chorus. Pick up the track for free below.