F.O.O.L. – Alive


I’ve been a longtime fan of F.O.O.L.’s music, dating back several years to when the electro scene was something else entirely. Back then, his releases were always inspiring and unique but now, when I hear his music over a sea of crappy, generic festival rave anthems, it is more necessary than ever. The Swedish producer, who’s moniker is an acronym for Fuck Our Ordinary Lives, has brought new sounds into his latest original track, like progressive melodies and sharp snares, while still holding true to his “orchestral electro” sound. If you’re a fan of Overwerk at all, then F.O.O.L.’s “Alive,” or most of his music for that matter, will be right up your alley. The track is out now on tasty records and is currently being offered as a free download through EDM.com’s SoundCloud page. Pick it up below and keep an eye out for more delicious tracks from F.O.O.L.