Oxtavius Magical Goodybag 006

Good day, music-lovers! Today we’ve got seven free tracks for you to download along with nine free sets/mixtapes for your listening pleasure, so let’s get things started. The first track out of Oxtavius Magical Goodybag 006 is a deep and smooth remix by Audiojack of Dusty Springfield’s “Spooky” that’s potent enough to get even your parents dancing!  Next up is a chill house number by Chicago-based Producer/DJ Garrett David called “The Pressure.” Garrett is not only a resident DJ at Chicago’s Smart Bar but also works as a buyer at the legendary Gramaphone Records.

Third out of the bag is a strong collaboration between German producer DJOKO and Spanish producer Yenk titled “Going Down” with a UK bass/garage feel to it. Next, “Resonate” by Austin, TX producer SUPRAMAN steers us in the ghetto house direction. This one would have gone over very well at the Boiler Room I was lucky enough to attend last week here in Chicago.

Fifth up is a powerful track by ZZT called “Givin In” with a great rhythm from the get-go and sweet vocals chiming in later on. Only now have I learned that ZZT is a project Tiga and Zombie Nation have been working on since 2007. We slow things down a bit with LeMoti’s “Can’t Live,” the sixth free track we give you today, and its elements of R&B worked into a 120BPM chiller. The last track in the bag I only stumbled across because Need & Necessity reposted it on their SoundCloud, so we can all be thankful for that. Danny Marin, based in Denver, CO, proves he has a firm grasp on the Bass House/G-House/Deep House/Indie Dance/Nu Disco sound in “Searchin,” so be on the lookout for this guy online or in the club!

Kicking things off in the mix department is Lane 8. I enjoy everything this dude puts out, so I was really happy to see he released this Spring Mixtape yesterday. If you’re in the Chicagoland area April 24, be sure to check him out at theMID!

Gabriel Ananda’s exclusive mix for Holland’s Dance Department radio is a must-listen as well as RISEnightclub‘s new RISEcast radio series.

DJ Boris, who just played at Spybar on Saturday, hosts George Privatti on his tenth Transmissions podcast and Sian lets Christian Smith take over his forty-third Octopus Radio Show recorded live in Buenos Aires.

Chus & Ceballos, who have had a radio show called InStereo for quite a while, give us a live recording this week from the greatest club in the world, Stereo Montreal.

Wrapping the goodybag up this time is Afrobeat with a deep & jackin’ guest mix for our friends at #F2t4.

Until next time…

Just in case the embed player isn’t working on your browser, here’s the link to the #OMG006 playlist/set on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/mmibty/sets/omg006