Oxtavius Magical Goodybag 007

OMG007OCTOThe name’s Goodybag; Oxtavius Magical Goodybag. If you haven’t yet noticed, it’s our seventh (007) installment of said series and we’re feeling pretty bloody chipper about it. That’s why today we dug deep through the labyrinths of the internet and, more crucially, Soundcloud, to deliver to you, our cherished reader, nine tracks and eight rather lengthy mixes. Sure, nowadays when we see a song that’s posted more than a handful of days ago it seems like old news, but that’s why this week we’ve shaken things up a bit by including several songs nearing their first birthdays and even a mix that’s almost–wait for it–TWO! But hey, we all know that good music has no expiry date, so let’s go on a little adventure because, believe me, the sounds in this bag are more than worth their, uhh, free download-ness…

The first track out of Oxtavius Magical Goodybag 007 is Uto Karem’s 2014 techno remake of his 2008 minimal track “Don’t You Know.” This one has more of a tribal vibe than the original and bangs pretty hard. Something tells me this will go over really well in Miami this year. Next, DAVI spices up Russ Yallop’s already stellar “The Journey” ft. Aimee Sophia. The third track we have for you today is Scarlett Nina’s rich deep house jam “Werkstatt 1.” The bass line on this has a mind of its own, communicating with the other instruments in a buoyant and effortless manner.

Fourth out of the bag is a regift from our friends over at HighOnBeats.com. Originally by Rebecca Brandt, Doctor Jeep puts his own spin on “The Moment.” Do yourself a favor and check out the full feature here. On to the next goody…

This funky number is a remix with a little drum and bass flavor by Montreal’s Stefny Winter of Platypus’ “Argyle.” Stefny has gigs in both Denver and Chicago pretty soon so I searched high and low for any free downloads I could find by the talented songstress/DJ and thankfully “Argyle (Stefny’s Bonus D’n’B Mix)” is one well worth listening to!

Moving forward, Isaac Tichauer’s “I’ll Let You Go” (French Express) is one I felt obligated to include solely because of how often I hear it played in the club and at parties in the past few months, so if you never tracked it down or just haven’t heard it yet, well, here it is. [RIP Aaliyah] Also included is Tichauer’s year-old “I Forgive You.”

The next song takes things down a notch, and by that I mean LEVER’s “Careless” is a chill, relaxing track, so keep it on deck next time you’re feeling burnt out, learnt out, or just plain turnt out.

Rustling through our goodybag further, we arrive at Urulu’s “Works For Me” Dub of Jessie Ware’s “Sweet Talk.” This remix radiates that pure house sound of yesteryear while incessantly rejuvenating the listener.

What’s that? No more free tracks, you say? Why, that’s preposterous! Don’t fret, y’all, because we have a combined listening time of damn near eighteen hours of podcasts, live sets, & promo mixes for you. So you could wake up at six in the morning, toss on this playlist, and still not be done by midnight. You’re welcome. Here’s a quick rundown in case you’re not quite convinced.

I. Detroit Techno Militita – The Grid Episode 26: this one was recommended by my fellow Chicago MMIBTY Writer/Representative “JD” and I’m pretty stoked on it.
II. Stefny – Archipel 10 yr Anniversary: Really neat & weird. Be sure to check out Stefny’s track “Do The Robo” on Beatport!
III. Nostaljack – 50 Mins of Deep Techno: This mix is by an up-and-comer out of Melbourne, Australia with solid dubby techno, acid house, and deep house
IV. Mia Wallace – Nightsweat Podcast 020: An extremely talented producer/DJ group based in Chicago. JUST LISTEN. THESE GUYS SHRED.
V. Dixon & Âme Boiler Room x Innervisions DJ Set @ ADE 2012: Almost two years old but these two are nasty, and TOGETHER?! One of those “wish I was there” moments. Âme played a fantastic set recently at Spybar but I actually can’t contain my excitement for the Maceo Plex + Dixon loft party that’s one looong month away.
VI. Habitual Hypnosis Podcast 001: Another Chicago outfit, this one a duo comprised of Happyghost and Housework. Check ’em out.
VII. Second to last out of the bag is the second part to the one-of-a-kind set that was Joseph Capriati b2b Adam Beyer live from Metropolis in Naples. Capriati rocked the house at Spybar recently so now it’s Mr Beyer’s turn to do the deed. Enjoy free/reduced entry all night when you say “Oxtavius” at the door this Thursday, the twentieth of March. (More specifically, pronounce it like the emperor, not how you refer to your last sexual partner. Furthermore, ladies are free all night with password and gentlemen pay $10 after midnight. Just sharin’ the knowledge, man.)
VIII. Golf Clap puts Soundcloud’s six hour, forty-five minute cap to the test in good fashion!

Enjoy the goodybag, gang. See you on the dancefloor!