Win FREE Tickets to See Davide Squillace @ Bijou Boston This Friday 3.21.14

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Barcelona-based producer/DJ/label chief Davide Squillace is returning to Bijou Boston this Friday and we have your chance for free tickets!

It took a trip to London for Davide Squillace to discover electronic music and once he returned back to his hometown of Naples he immersed himself in this world in every conceivable way. In 1999 he began studying at the Naples School of Sound Engineering, tinkering with his first productions, promoting Techno events, and finally performing. His first releases on Primate Records, Design Music and Conform were a cadence of his arrival and showcased the young artist’s steadfast style.

Having honed his craft at home, in 2004 Davide left Naples for Barcelona unwavering in his resolve. Now, while touring around the continent, he began to release in earnest what would become a massive body of work, and at a dizzying pace. His productions have graced the catalogs of some of the finest labels including Ovum, Sci+Tec, Morris Audio, Resopal Schallware, Supernature, CMYK, Adagio, Viva, Nervous, Saved, Shake, Rillis, and the list goes on.

Added to that, you have to take into account the labels which Davide founded and still curates today: Sketch, Minisketch, Vir, 500, Titbit, and Hideout. In 2012 Davide started his latest innovative project. This and That Lab is a unique fusion of label and think tank combining music, art and culture used as a platform for Davide and other like minded artists to develop creative projects in music, visual art, design, fashion and writing.

In addition to his genre-defining works, Davide continues to inspire and ignite dance floors worldwide. Whether it be at Circoloco, where he has been a resident since 2007, Womb, Berghain, D.Edge, or any other marquee venue, Davide plays with an unequalled funk and excitement. His signature sets, revered by the masses and peers alike, do a double duty in guarding our much-loved traditions while constantly pushing them forward.

The realm of possibilities for one of electronic music’s leading lights is endless. Unfortunately, the minutes in the day are not. Davide Squillace’s answer is simple: do what you love and make no compromises.


*Tracklist after the jump!*

Davide Squillace on Pete Tong’s Essential Mix
BBC Radio 1, 29.09.2012

Gathaspar – I Had A Dream That She Was Dying Alone
Layo & Bushwacka – The Big Dream (Martin Buttrich Remix)
Vid – Nouinceput
Gathaspar – Peasant Dress For Olan
Hector Couto – Changes
W.O.H – The Other Guys
Helmut Dubnitzky & Jackspot – You You
The Cheapers – Same Same
Marco Faraone & Luca Agnelli – Break Dose
Jamy Wing – Need You
Murphy Jax – Smoodrama
Guido Scheider – Hanna
Bassline – Daft
Emerson Todd – Mind Games
JP Chronic – Mama’s For Real
Mr.G – Dark Thoughts? (The Afterworld)
Dominik Eulberg – Adler (Manuel Rodriguez Remix)
Matteo Spedicati & Vito – ELI ( Patrick Lindsey Remix)
Davide Squillace & Guti – The other side of Hustler
DJ Sneak – Evil Wemen
Shinedoe – Break Free
Sebbo – Super Fly
Davide Squillace – Pieces Of You
Davide Squillace & Philip Bader – Wild Things