Black Tiger Sex Machine – On The Run

Black Tiger Sex Machine

Black Tiger Sex Machine is definitely one of the coolest names I’ve ever heard; I just wanted to throw that out there.  While Black Tiger Sex Machine is an awesome name, you’ll be glad to know that their music is just as awesome.  I’ve been following these guys for about a year, and I really enjoy most of their tracks.  Black Tiger Sex Machine usually produces electro and electro house and they have a really heavy-hitting sound.  One of the things I really like about them is they have a unique sound to them, and I can usually pick out their tunes from others.  In a scene today where so many tracks all follow the same pattern and sound the same, it’s refreshing and great to know that there’s artists such as Black Tiger Sex Machine doing their own thing and creating their own unique style.  I was really excited to listen to their new song ‘On The Run’ when I saw they had released a new tune today.  On The Run is an electro track, and it definitely has that heavy-hitting electro that is so characteristic of Black Tiger Sex Machine.  The buildup is great, and they use a variety of instruments and sounds to give the song a better sound and feel.  When the main electro beat kicks in, I start bobbing my head and wish I could be dancing to this live.  If you’re a fan of electro, especially heavy-hitting electro such as Gesaffelstein, then you’ll love On The Run.  One of these days I really need to see Black Tiger Sex Machine perform live because I know they would put on a fantastic show with considerable energy.  Until then I’ll just have to listen to their awesome tunes over and over again.  Also, Black Tiger Sex Machine released an accompanying music video for On The Run.  Most of their music videos are awesome and well-made, and On The Run is no different.  Also, they are awesome enough to give away On The Run for free, so be sure to grab the free download of it!  Give it a listen, check out their other tunes, and enjoy!