Review: Will Sparks @ Prime Boston 4/12

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Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 12 months, Melbourne House, or better know as Bounce, and its supporting cast has quickly been taking over the EDM scene worldwide. Leading the pact of that cast is none other than Australian DJ Will Sparks, who invaded Prime Nightclub in Boston this past Saturday night. Bringing his signature “bounce” and his own high-powered energy, the night gave off a vibe like no other as soon as you stepped through the doors. As we migrated our way up to the third floor to the main room, the opening sounds of Flavor Media resident DJ TAO were pounding through the venue speakers. TAO, known for his normal headlining residences throughout Boston, took command of his role as supporting artist for the evening, easily finding the balance of tracks to get the crowd pumped up but not over doing it and crossing the line into the headliner realm.

As the clock approached 12:15am, Sparks was lead down the back steps and into the driver seat behind the CDJ’s. Quickly rising from behind the decks, the sounds of his newest track, “This Is What The Bounce Is”, could be heard clearly as the crowd quickly reacted to the Australian superstar finally making his return to Boston. The beat dropped and everyone in Prime was off to the races including myself. Through his flawless transitions, Sparks did not disappoint with his song selection ranging from his remix of Martin Garrix‘s “Animals” to his originals “Catch” and “The Viking”, and even appealing to the Boston crowd by dropping a rework of the Boston Bruin’s goal theme, “Zombie Nation”.

From start to finish, Sparks never allowed the energy to drop below 100%. At one point, he climbed his way on top of the decks and provided a champagne shower to the top balcony of the club; much to their approval. Seeing that this was the 2nd time I have seen Sparks in less then a year, my recommendation would be to continue to be on the lookout for him to fine tune his skills both from a producing and live set standpoint. Last piece of advice: Don’t sleep on Will Sparks, you’ll regret it.