Two EPs You May Have Missed In The Past Month By Alex Metric and Justin Martin & Eats Everything


The above title may be a long one but I wanted to make sure two EPs that came out in the past month didn’t slip under your radar. I’ve been a bit busy with my move across the country but I’ve finally found time to write about Justin Martin & Eats Everything’s Hello Mr. Jello EP and Alex Metric’s Hope EP.

First up is the two-track EP by a couple of my favorite producers/DJs in Justin Martin & Eats Everything. These guys have really blown up in the past couple years and it’s not hard to see why. They’re both amazing producers of fun and funky House music that spans through realms of Deep House, Tech-House, Booty Bass, and even some off the beaten path cuts that are hard to categorize. Not only do the two producers get down in the studio, but they know how to bring it on stage. I’ve seen both Justin Martin and Eats Everything live several times over the past couple years and they never disappoint – so it only makes sense that something big happens when they collaborate in the studio, which has already happened a few times on tracks like “The Gettup” and “Feather Fight” (both amazing tracks in my opinion). The lead track off Hello Mr. Jello is called “Steven Jello” and it’s a big one – I was almost surprised to see who produced it when I first heard it. “Steven Jello” is almost too perfect in both the track itself and the name (yeah, say the title to yourself a few times then you’ll see). Production value through the roof, an eerie synth layer, and some great percussion sounds throughout. The people behind the Hard Summer LA trailer even commissioned the track to be part of the video. The B-side from the EP is called “Kong” and it’s more what I would expect from JM & EE. It’s a bit faster – 122BPM – and has a goofy feel but manages to induce booty shaking.

*Grab the EP on Beatport HERE*

The second EP you need to get your hands on, if you haven’t already, is Alex Metric’s latest masterpiece called the Hope EP. Released a couple weeks ago on Skrillex’s label OWSLA, this three-track gem is all about making you dance. In fact, Nest HQ (home of the OWSLA label) writes “It’s pretty much impossible to stand still while listening to this one.” and I couldn’t agree more. The lead track “Hope” is one of the funkiest tracks to come out all year and that’s thanks in part to Metric’s collaboration with the funktastic duo that is Oliver. It’s songs like “Hope” that get me so excited about dance music, that allow me to breathe a sigh of relief that there is still fresh music coming out in a world where much of it has become watered down. We can’t forget that DANCE music is created for exactly one reason: to make us dance! The next track “Spiritism” is a little darker, a little less Disco, but it takes the listener on a journey as the name might suggest. “Spiritism” isn’t a dance floor destroyer, but it’s perfect for winding down your nights. The final track “Galaxy” sees Metric again collaborating with Oliver. If you like Disco House or even the original flavor of Disco music then “Galaxy” is right up your alley – complete with the “Ooah Ooah’s” and all. Alex Metric continues to be one of my favorite producers, ever since I heard his track “Rave Weapon” and I’m continually excited anytime I see his name next to a new release or as part of a show to catch coming to my area.

*Grab the Hope EP HERE*