In Case You Missed It: Lazy Rich & Hot Mouth – Flash


I rarely miss the opportunity to post a new song by our crowned “King of Electro-House” Lazy Rich. Though I may have missed the opportunity upon its initial release (May 12), I’m here to make sure Lazy Rich & Hot Mouth‘s song “Flash” doesn’t escape your attention. I keep saying how hard it is to find TRUE Electro-House these days and Lazy Rich is both a producer and label owner who makes it his job to ensure TRUE Electro-House stays alive and well. You’ve probably heard Lazy Rich’s name many times over, especially if Electro-House is your thing, but you may not have heard of up-and-comer Hot Mouth, who resides in Los Angeles and is a part of Deadmau5’s Mau5trap label. That’s right, even though Lazy Rich is the owner of Big Fish Recordings he released a track on Deadmau5’s label… funny how that works. I think the most ironic part about “Flash” is that I heard it on the most recent episode of Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy Radio – a podcast known mostly for its Trance and Progressive stylings.

Either way – the track is fire and shows us both why Lazy Rich remains the King of Electro-House and why Hot Mouth is a producer to keep your ears on.