Seven Lions Transcends Dubstep in ‘Worlds Apart EP’


Mutli-talented artist Seven Lions (Jeff Montalvo) latest release is bringing new light to melodic dubstep with his new ‘Worlds Apart EP’. With tracks featuring some of the most renowned female vocalist in Ellie Goulding and Kerli, this release combines these airy vocals with deep soothing drops as well as powerful crescendos.

All five tracks have a unique style to them including elements of drum & bass, electro, and of course Seven Lions’ signature dubstep sound. The track ‘Strangers’ is the only one on the EP to have been leaked to the public already but provides a perfect alternative to the slower, more soothing tracks, as the second half of the song provides an uptempo dance beat that is perfect for concert venues across the country.

This release’s most intriguing track, perhaps, is ‘Nepenthe’. Although there are no vocals to this one, the constant building of energy and emotion in this song is palpable, with each drop being proceeded by a steady climb of dubstep and electro-style beats. Overall, Seven Lions has delivered once again. His ability to take his signature sound and stretch it across all genres of EDM is a unique skill that is beginning to put him at the top of the charts.

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You can listen to the entire EP right here on MMIBTY: