In Case You Missed It: DJ Dan & Mike Balance – Shake That (and the Nothing But a Party LP)

DJ-Dan nothing but a party

It really sucks that I’m so late to the party with House veteran DJ Dan. Getting his start in the early 90s up in Washington state, the producer and DJ has been rocking dance floors and releasing timeless classics across multiple decades. Resident Advisor quotes DJ Dan as saying “I got into this because I love how people unite on the dance floor, bringing in their own energy and excitement.” His style of Jackin’ House, Tech-House, G-House, and Disco-Funk combine to create some awesome productions and fantastic mixes. I would very much assume he’s someone great to witness live and I hope I get to experience that some day soon. DJ Dan was even in the news recently when a video surfaced of him stopping his show to address the crowd and a rude partygoer who wouldn’t stop requesting a song, causing a brief scuffle to emerge (Dan was swung at). You can see the badass video HERE.

I’m here today to address a song you may have missed off an album you also may have missed. Back on May 12th DJ Dan released his Nothing But a Party full-length album. One of the twenty(!) tracks is called “Shake That” and was written in collaboration with Mike Balance. The tune is an absolute dance floor destroyer, combining elements of G-House, Tech-House, funk, and Jackin’ House. The vocal hook instructs “shake that ass and bounce those titties girl” and the track carries an infectious groove that you can’t help but turn up loud and, well, shake your ass to. The entire Nothing But a Party album is really what the name describes – a party coming through your speakers. The tracks range from 125bpm up to 128, with four-on-the-floor kick drums and driving bass lines.

House DJs all over the world need to get “Shake That” into their rotations and every fan of House music needs to grab the Nothing But a Party LP. Enjoy!


Check out DJ Dan’s mix for THUMP: