Chromeo – Jealous (Lenno Remix)


I know some people are getting sick of it, but I can’t help how much I love Chromeo’s newest (and probably biggest) hit “Jealous”. I remember originally learning about and jamming to Chromeo’s music way back in college (yes, the pre-2010 years… think “Sexy Socialite” and “Bonified Lovin'”) and always loving their unique sound and disco influence. Since then, it’s no surprise that my tastes in music have gone through many phases and have changed a lot, so I think it speaks volumes with how much I still love the new single and pretty much the whole new album White Women from the good ‘ol Jewish boys. Couple that with one of my all time favorite disco artists Lenno out of Finland on remix duties and you’ve got a winning combination. Lenno makes “Jealous” into a much more DJ-friendly track, giving it a little more oomph and leveling it out at a steady BPM. In fact, the track was originally created for him to use in his sets, but he had to release it for the world – and for free download no less. Disco vibes always go so well with summer and this one’s no exception. Pick it up below and stay tuned for more more from Lenno.

For those of you in Boston, Chromeo just announced they’re coming back for the third time in less than as many months. They’ll be at Whiskey Saigon on July 3rd. Check out this link for tickets and our upcoming events page for all the upcoming events in Boston (as well as NYC, Chicago, San Fran, Texas, Colorado and more!).