DallasK – Superfuture

DallasK Superfuture

I’ve been a fan of DallasK for a while now, and it seems like every new track of his is always well-done and smooth.  His new track ‘Superfuture‘ is no different.  I immediately fell in love with the melody; it definitely drew me in right away.  The first drop completely blew me away.  The build-up has this wonderful progressive-house melody, and out of know comes this intense and heavy electr0-house drop.  The kick is super clean and there’s so much power behind it.  The synths complement the kick extremely well, and both of these factors combined gives this track one of the heaviest electro-house drops I’ve ever heard.  DallasK threw a curveball because the second drop was much different than I anticipated.  I thought the first drop would be extremely similar to the first, heavy drop but instead the second drop was different; it essentially was the catchy melody but it was intensified and given a more whole sound to it.   I really like how he switched up the sound of the drops because it seems like too many producers make the second drop almost identical to the first; it’s nice to see some originality and not doing the same old thing over and over.  There’s not any lyrics, but there are small snippets of vocal samples throughout the entire song.  They perfectly fit the feel of the tune and really help push the song to the next level.  The production on this house track is extremely good, and Superfuture really shows what DallasK is capable of; the young producer has so much talent and potential.  If he keeps cranking out tunes as well produced and heavy as Superfuture, it is only a matter of time before he becomes huge.  I would love to see djs throw this tune in their sets because there’s no doubt in my mind the crowd would love it and go nuts.  The best part is DallasK is giving away Superfuture for free on his Soundcloud.  What’s better than that?  Well if you’re a dj then you can remix the tune too because he is giving away all the stems to it for free as well!  It looks like DallasK definitely wants people to remix Superfuture and put their own spin on it.  So give it a listen, download it, and even try remixing it if you’re a dj!  Enjoy!