Point Point Know There’s Nothing Quite Like A Morning BJ [FREE DOWNLOAD]

point point

Future fucking Bass. Stwo, Kaytranada, Wave Racer – if you’re into those artists or others like them then you need to check out Point Point and you need to keep your eyes on them. I don’t speak French, but my assumptions have led me to believe Point Point is a collective comprised of French producers AAZAR, DEVOTED.TO.GOD, L’HOMME AUX 4 LETTRES, and NOMÄK. I saw that Porter Robinson was the featured artist on this week’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix and as I began listening to it I started scanning the track list. One song in particular stuck out to me, solely because of the title. You guessed it, that song was called “Morning BJ” by Point Point. I certainly appreciate a morning BJ as much as the next guy, and this song is just as good as the act it’s referring to (might even be a perfect pairing). The track, though only 2:30 long, is a collection of danceable beats, beautiful melodies, live drums, pitched-up vocals, and futuristic bass sounds. It’s really hard to describe a track like this, but as one SoundCloud user commented, it “sounds like a morning BJ”.

Check it out for yourself and turn it up loud. Keep an eye on Point Point and check out Porter Robinson’s full Essential Mix for something totally different than what you might be used to from the Electro-House star.