RL Grime Reaches 200K Facebook Fans And Offers His Edit Of Nadus’ “Nxwxrk” For FREE DOWNLOAD

Nxwxrk (RL Grime Edit)

Just six hours ago Trap and Bass Music DJ/producer RL Grime released his edit of Nadus’ track “Nxwxrk” for free download on SoundCloud. What’s the occasion, you may ask? Well RL Grime (real name Henry Steinway), who also produces Electro-House and Big Room House under his alias Clockwork, just passed 200,000 fans on Facebook. That’s a lot of fans and if you combine it with his Clockwork likes (about 180,000) and his WeDidIt fans (the collective of Shlohmo, RL GRIME, Ryan Hemsworth, Groundislava, D33J, Nick Melons, Juj, 2KWTVR, SUS BOY, Purple), that’s climbing toward half a million followers on Facebook. I don’t care how much stock you put in Facebook likes, it just shows that Henry – either RL Grime or Clockwork – is one hard working and crowd rocking mother fucker.

Today’s release isn’t new for RL Grime, but it’s the first time he’s unleashing it to his fans. It’s a damn good one and I literally stopped what I was doing to make sure I got it up here. RL Grime’s edit of “Nxwxrk” (I’m not quite sure how to pronounce it) isn’t quite Trap and more aligns with Jersey Club or Baltimore Bass but I don’t really care what you call it because it’s got a dope 808 beat and some nice melody with pitched-up vocals. RL Grime writes:

I’ve decided to give out one of my personal edits i play in my live sets. been putting in serious time on new music, but in the meantime, enjoy this one. AND go scoop that new “Broke City” EP from Nadus on Pelican Fly. One of my favorite EPs of the year and it’s for a great cause: itunes.apple.com/us/album/broke-c…y-ep/id874933071. All proceeds and royalties from his EP will be donated to the Newark Boys Choral School (www.nbcs.us/donate). PEACE

So with that said, tune in to the track, grab the free download, and show both RL Grime and Nadus some love. Oh yeah, and keep it locked for new RL Grime music!