Dustycloud – Gomar


You know, despite SoundCloud really sucking at everything they do these days (God save you if you’ve used the new mobile app), they still do have one of the best platforms around for music discovery. Last night, the algorithms that be turned me on to Dustycloud, a Paris-based DJ who is riding the building wave of “future house.” Before you start groaning about how the last thing we need is another type of house, the best case for it I can provide here is Tchami, who truly has innovated with his sound and has definitely brought the hard-hitting, new-wave electro, for lack of a better description, to our ears. Generally, future bass find’s its groove in asyncopated rhythms and completely wild synths and filters, pushing the boundaries of what most people have come to expect. As you might have guessed, I’m a big fan of the sound… and Dustycloud delivers. One of his newer tracks “Gomar” really brings home that sound and just begs you to dance. If you’re a fan of the future house sound, most of Dustycloud’s music is free and in the same vein.

If you’re into the G-House thing like most of us over here, check out this remix below… Same punchy vibes with a little Luda thrown in for good measure.