Hopscotch – Satisfaction (Dimond Saints Remix)

Dimond Saints

Representing the Dimond District in their hometown of Oakland, CA, Dimond Saints is a collaboration between Bay Area underground veteran an-ten-nae and his new partner in crime, Releece. That crime, of course, is assaulting bodies with heavy future bass music.

It’s the lowest, deepest, darkest, heaviest bass in town. It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet of bass. When performed live, it’s an artillery of bass. It’s a line of tanks opening fire with low-frequency mayhem. It’s just so underground East Bay. There’s simply nothing like it.

Dimond Saints has been dropping a lot of remixes over the past several months, but they are constantly working on new original material which they are always excited to show off at shows. They’ve taken the festival circuit by storm this year, including sets at Coachella, Raindance, What The Festival, and a supposed show-stealing performance at Lightning in a Bottle.

Luckily for those at home, their SoundCloud page features a plethora of original music and popular remixes, such as this soulful, bass-heavy remix of Hopscotch’s “Satisfaction.” Though only about three minutes in length (it can be several times that length when performed live), there is a seemingly endless supply of interesting sound to this track. Bass heads are sure to find a lot to love about Dimond Saints. Welcome to the future of bass music.